Discussion | February Happy Things

As we approach the end of February, (how did that happen)? Just 4 weeks after our last set of Happy Things, 12 blogposts later. It’s time for us to share our Happy Things February with you. This is the second installation of Happy Things for 2016 and we’d love to hear some of yours. Are your little ones constantly coming out with funny 1 liners? Have you had some lovely times or news during February?  Here are ours: 

Half Term – we had a lovely time during half term, including playdates and pizza eating trips that we couldn’t usually make. The funny thing is it’s now not long until the Easter Holidays, as Easter is very early this year. Four weeks infact we’d best get planning again!

Compliments from Nursery on how your charge seems generally happier, politer and behaviour has improved since you have started looking after him.

Beautiful sunny days – we’ve loved the sunny days that we’ve been having. It’s always good to get a dose of Vitamin D! Even if you do have to wrap up in lots of layers, hats and scarves.

3 year old reciting Superworm whilst walking along the road.

Being able to stay at the park that little bit longer as the lighter evenings bless us with their presence.

When your little one uses both your first name and surname because you didn’t answer immediately.

Signs of Spring. Crocuses popping up in the park, and daffodils a blooming. Lighter mornings and evenings. We’re getting a good feeling that Spring really is on the way.

Booking our first pocketnannies holiday. 🙂

What are your Happy Things for February?


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