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The other week whilst scrolling through Instagram I came across Crayon Rocks. What I liked about them was the fact that they are meant to teach and strengthen the correct tripod grip for children, preparing them for handwriting. So, I went onto Amazon and ordered some to test this out on my two year old charge. I have since found them at thecoolgangthang too and they are kindly giving our readers a 10% discount with the code CGT123.

I put out a piece of paper and the crayons and just let her get on with colouring without showing her what way to hold the crayons. Instinctively she picked up the crayons with her fingertips and started drawing. It’s actually pretty impossible for a child to hold these crayons in anything other than a tripod grip which is pretty handy.

The colours are vibrant and there is so much choice online for other colours as well as the standard 8 we got in our bag. Unlike other crayons they can’t be snapped by an overzealous toddler, however like other crayons if they are dropped from a height they might break.

The only downfall of these are that they are small as you can see in the photos so I have to make sure they are put away when my youngest charge is around as they might present a chocking hazard to babies and young children.

A bag of 8 crayons cost £6.30 (£5.60 from thecoolgangthang) which is a lot for crayons but in my opinion worth it especially if you have a child who is struggling with their pencil grip.


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