Activities | Valentine’s Day

As nannies, over the next couple of days we’ll be getting creative with our charges making mementos for parents and loved ones ready for Valentine’s Day, so we have a few lovely ideas for you to try.


These cards give children a chance to list a few reason why they love their parents to make an effective 3D card.


If you have very little ones, why not make a simple heart banner. Cut heart shapes out of card then let your little one loose with some finger paints. Once dry, use a hole punch to make two holes in each heart near the top and thread some ribbon through.

Painting activity

Another easy craft for Valentine’s is printing using cardboard toilet rolls inners or similar. Just push the roll into a heart shape, set your little ones up with some paint. We used red and pink and get stamping! We actually had quite a production line going on..




This little poem can be a sweet addition to the middle of your cards.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy or windy out there,

You’re always ready to hug like a bear.

And when I’m charging around like a car on a track,

You’re always ready with a drink or a snack.

And when I want to do painting…in fancy dress,

You’re always ready to clear up the mess.

At bedtime after story time when you leave me be,

I go to sleep remembering the kiss you gave me.

Every night “Sweet dreams, I love you” you say,

So now it’s my turn to tell you “I love you more, Happy Valentine’s Day!”

© pocketnannies 2016

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