Activities | Shrove Tuesday

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and we are guessing a lot of households will be serving up piles of pancakes. So why not add a spot of food dye and go a little crazy this year. I mean what six year old is not going to love some multicoloured pancakes? Here at pocketnannies we are in love with Wilton Gels as you only need a tiny amount to make vibrant colours.

We tend to just chuck our ingredients into a bowl but if you need a foolproof pancake recipe check out this one from BBC Good Food.

Then split your batter into smaller bowls and add your food dye. We used squeeze bottles to get the lace effect but they look great as standard pancakes too.

Please share your colourful pancake pictures with us on twitter or Facebook. Have fun and happy pancake eating!

What is Pancake day all about?

Sometimes it’s important to explain to children about the history behind our traditions. For Christians Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day is the last day before Lent. It is said to have been the time when you would use up eggs etc and feast on pancakes. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter – often people give up something like chocolate or sugar for this period of time. Only to gorge on it on Easter Sunday! Ash Wednesday follows Shrove Tuesday and is the first day of Lent.

Of course pancakes are a great treat and many people have taken up the tradition of celebrating Pancake day whether or not they go on to fast for Lent.

Happy Pancake Day!

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