Discussion | January Happy Things


Can you believe that January 2016 is almost over? No, neither can we. Have you managed to stick to your new years resolutions? If so you are better people than us and here’s a high five to you! We all know that January in the UK is constantly referred to as the most depressing time of the year, so we thought it was the perfect month for us to start our new monthly ‘happy things’ post. At the end of each month we will be sharing some of our happiest and funniest moments from the last month. So here we go, please let us know your happy and funny moments from January!

Counting down the days until half term.

Nanny: It’s okay, tomorrow is Saturday, you can have a lie in.
Child: I don’t want a lion, I want a tiger.

Whilst running along a canopy walkway in a botanical garden, two year comes to a halt by a man holding a selfie stick and shouts ‘cheese!’ then carries on running.

Child: More yellow.
Nanny: Do you mean you’d like some more of the orange to eat?

Sarah and Siobhan have both paid their wedding deposits for 2017. Two pocketnanny weddings to plan for!! 

Little one is spinning around. Me: Go careful, you’ll get dizzy. Spins some more… Child: But Sarah the house is falling down.

Whilst sitting up on their knees. “My legs have nearly fallen off my bottom, look they’ve gone!”

Sarah started her 2016 in the Maldives and Sophie started hers in South Africa (yes both working but topping up on that vitamin D!) 


© pocketnannies 2016

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