Activities | Letter & Number Matching

Lets face it learning numbers and letters can be a little less exciting than say…EVERYTHING else going on around our preschoolers. So, we have decided to share a fun and quick to put together activity that may encourage their letter and number recognition skills to grow.

All you need is:
paper or card
a pen
sticky labels

On your paper write out the alphabet or numbers (start small, maybe just doing three letters or numbers to begin with) then write the same letters or numbers on the sticky labels.



Sitting with your child/charge ask them to match the letters/numbers to the ones on the labels and then stick the matching ones on top of the paper. To start with you should say the sound of each letter or number that they match and encourage them to say it back to you. When they progress they should be able to say the sound of each letter or number with no prompting from you.  Take a look at our phonics post for help to remember the correct phonic sound for each letter.







To extend this activity,

  • Use digraphs to help your child when learning to blend sounds together.
  • Write out sums or timetables on the paper/card and the answer on the labels.


© pocketnannies 2016


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