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Learning letters needs to be fun and if you don’t mind too much about your children learning, in part, from modern technology then this just might be the app for you.

After being introduced to Hip Hop Hen through the nursery my charge has just started I thought it was definitely worth while giving it a try, and it’s certainly been a success. My charge loves it!

Hip Hop Hen currently has four apps available; Flashcard – where the aim is to match the picture with the the correct letter card; LetterTracing – this gets children used to forming a letter themselves; Jigsaw – piece together a letter to make a great picture; phonics1 – games and tasks to learn early reading skills.

I currently use the first three with my charge which are all about learning the individual letters sounds which are constantly repeated through each game. My charge now says it back automatically. The Jigsaw app does move onto digraphs, for example, ch, sh, ck and th. The LetterTracing app is the hardest of the three, i believe, as you really do have to follow in the lines provided to be able to complete the letter. After a few attempts my charge picked it up and is now really get the hang of producing something between the lines.

The fourth app, phonics1, looks to be great as well- yes I have had a play around on it myself! To be honest, it’s been quite good revision for how to sound out a word as it’s quite different to how I remember learning it at school. Hip Hop Hen follows suit with Jolly Phonics, so no need to worry your little one will learn letters one way and then will have to re-learn another way at school.

Personally, this is a great app for children, it’s constructive, educational, fun and bright. Definitely worth a look- hope your little ones enjoy it as much as my charge and I have. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it too!

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