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Are you, like us, a little addicted to pretty stationary, wrapping, cards and party decorations? If so you should defiantly be checking out Papermash if you haven’t already. I wasn’t always so into taking time to make my gift wrapping look pretty, there was a time that I handed a friend her birthday present in a Tesco bag and another time that I used tinfoil. Some may say lazy and others may say resourceful… BUT thanks to sites such as Papermash I am now a ribbon, string, tape and paper fiend.



Papermash source from ‘independent designers specialising in artisan techniques, such as woodcut printing and letterpress.’  They select their products based on their uniqueness to the UK and their quality, sourcing them from the US, Japan, Korea and the Uk.

Selling such an array of beautiful and original products, you really would be hard pressed to find similar on the high street. Many of their products make great additions to your wrapping of gifts as well as making fab presents in themselves. I mean what little/(big) girl wouldn’t love a glitter tape set or a flower garland for their wall?

If you like what you see, take a look at their blog to gain some pretty cool inspiration for your gift wrapping amongst other things.

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