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We use Nigella Lawson’s butter biscuit recipe every time we need biscuits to keep their shape. It has never let us down.

You will need 5 star cutters for this of varying sizes.
Make your Biscuits following the ingredients and method in Nigella’s recipe and cut out at least 3 stars of each size.
Next you need to make royal icing.

You will need:
2 Egg whites
450g Icing sugar

Place your egg whites in a mixing bowl and add the icing sugar on top. Whisk or beat together slowly and when the icing sugar has combined with the egg whites whisk a bit faster until you are left with a smooth and thick icing. Place your icing into a piping bag.

Ice a thin line round each star and place a silver ball at each point on the star. Then starting with your largest star place a small blob of icing on its bottom and place it on your tray/plate. Then add a blob of icing on top of this first star and sandwich the next large star on top, slightly turning the points so they don’t line up with the one underneath. Keep doing this for each biscuit and make sure you go in size order (biggest to smallest). Go slow as your biscuits can sometime slide off each other. If this starts to happen, stop adding biscuits for five to ten minutes to give your icing between the already added biscuits time to set and become strong enough for the next lot of biscuits. On the smallest star that you place on the very top, completely cover the top of the biscuit in icing. When complete, dust the tree with snow (icing sugar).

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