Interview with | Fount Nursery

When we saw Fount Nursery via Twitter, we fell in love with the ‘urban nursery’, nestled in the arches of a railway bridge near London Fields. It is a refreshing concept for a nursery, it’s all a bit different to your average nursery. So here at pocketnannies we wanted to investigate. We caught up with Rachel Munro-Peebles who is one half of the team behind Fount Nursery/Fount London.

Firstly, how did the idea of the Fount Nursery come about?

It was founded over a good few cups of coffee with a dear mummy friend. This is just the type of nursery we wanted for our children. It never existed… until now!

What is your background?

My background is in the Arts – I (Rachel) studied at Chelsea Art College, I then went onto Fashion at Harvey Nichols, then a successful business in buying buildings in Shoreditch.  Hence it’s the arts that is driven in the Nursery.  Elena is in Finance and Travel.

What do you aspire to do for parents?

To create a Nursery that is unique and encourages the freedom of development for young children within an urban setting.  A nursery we would send our children too, as we never did!

What services do you offer?

We offer full-time childcare, including lots of art, cooking, music and drama. As well as mentoring, caring, and supporting the children within our care. We over flexible childcare with early drop offs and late pick ups to suit workings parents. We have so many services outside of the Nursery, these are coming soon! The christmas experience that is starting on the 3rd Dec will showcase this.

What makes Fount Nursery different to other nurseries?

Come and visit and you will see!

We had a sneaky look at the website and discovered ‘There’s even a greenhouse where the children will grow veg that will, wait for it… be served in the restaurant. (The same restaurant the children will learn to cook and bake in the professional kitchen facilities)’.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

We’ve seen lots of amazing pop ups happening. Please could you outline some of these.

We’ve had EastEnd Prints, Lil Beans, Maiden, Pamper Rooms, Eastern Biological which are super Brands who we wish to support.

When did Fount Nursery open?

We are a baby – we just opened at the end of October.

Where would you like to be a year from now?

A successful happy Nursery, which continues to deliver a bespoke service, with our Fount Nursery Wonder Team… Aswell as site two!

Find out more at there website. You can find Fount nursery at Arch 358, Westgate Street, London E8 3RN.

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