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It’s quite interesting when a discussion arises on Twitter. I spotted this tweet back in September, however the content is completely relevant all year round. Today we will discuss the amount of homework young children get.

I’m not a fan of homework anyway but spellings, reading, Mathletics, Mathis sheet and project work.. Bit much at 7 years old right? Sigh.” A tweet from @MostlyYummy it really got me thinking. Sarah also gave us permission to include her blogpost on this subject ‘The one with all the homework‘. (Thank you). It certainly makes for an interesting read.

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Why do children get set this amount of homework?

It was interesting to see people’s responses. There were responses from teachers, and plenty of parents. I think the general consensus was that children do get too much homework. Up popped a hashtag #letkidsbekids

When do children get the chance to be children? If their homework takes 30 minutes to an hour per day, surely their playtime becomes limited. That’s before we add the extra curricular activities that many children partake in.

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What are our expectations of children at this age?

In personal experience the little girl I look after gets set 1 piece of topic homework per half term, this happened in Reception and is also the case in Year 1.

We have 2 reading books a week now she’s in year 1, but previously just one reading book was sent home per week. However even since originally writing this post in September the work load has increased and she is now receiving a literacy worksheet per week as well.  This compared to her peer in year 1 at an independent school who has a new reading book every two days, spelling and two work sheets every week.

We asked a friend who is a Year 2 teacher her views on homework and this is what she said:

I think from a teacher’s point of view, with the higher expectations of the new curriculum, unfortunately we need all the help we can get in order for children to meet the government’s expectations. However, I totally understand how it seems like a lot of pressure to be putting on young children. Especially the amount mentioned by Sarah (Mostly Yummy Mummy). We send times tables, some form of SPaG work (Spellings,  Punctuation and Grammar). We ask the children to read five times a week – not a whole book each time, but to read regularly.

What do your children have to do in terms of homework? How do you feel about it?


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