An interview with | The Quick Brown Fox 

I love Twitter, I really do. I’ve been tweeting since goodness.. 2010! I find it a great resource for finding out about new things, local businesses and suchlike. It’s a fantastic tool for social networking, probably one of my favourites. I’d had a few interactions with ‘The Quick Brown Fox‘ as they are quite local to me. I found out they offer film making activities for children. Well that sounds fun doesn’t it? We thought the best way to introduce The Quick Brown Fox to you was you conduct a little interview.

Karina and Victor ‘create professional videos for families and family friendly businesses in a fun and imaginative fashion’. Let’s find out a little bit more about the company.


First of all please tell us what The Quick Brown Fox is?
The Quick Brown Fox Video Production Ltd is a growing video production company based in Southfields, S.W London with a real love for the carefully crafted moving image. We specialise in cinematic quality video production for children & families events and family friendly businesses.

Please can you tell us why you set up a business like this?
Our inspiration comes from wanting to share special moments with faraway friends and relatives in combination with creative backgrounds in Architecture and Sound Design.

What can you offer families with young children? 

One thing parents lack is time, especially new parents. At the same time it’s so important to preserve those sweet memories of the first few years, but hardly anyone can afford the time to sit down and sift through years worth of memories, right?

We started TQBF by creating keepsake videos, compilations made up of footage and still photographs the our friends gave us in the hope that “something” could be made out of it all and things kind of grew from there.

We quickly found that by creating carefully crafted, lovingly shot videos, we can offer families peace of mind, reassurance! Our work with brands & products humanises their offer. We are able to present young, anxious families a friendly face on the other side of the big brand name.

Video is a highly emotive product that when properly done can really reach out and engage people.

We can see you are very passionate about film making when did this come about?

Victor has worked with audiovisual media for the last 20 years. It all started with a love of radio and the spoken voice. He could really feel a connection with listeners even though they were not face to face. Somehow this evolved to creating yearbooks for secondary school students and then moved further on with “A year in the life of…” compilations. Ultimately I think that the fact we’re expats with children growing up away from their relatives has a lot to do with our dedication to create mementos we can share with our loved ones and make them feel as if they’re right here with us.

Are you always taking videos of friends and family?

Yes 🙂 We are forever making little videos of everything! Thank goodness for iPads and all those clever apps because lately more and more so our eldest seems to be taking an interest in crafting little films all on her own!

Thank you Karina. If you want an extra special present for your family this year why not get in touch with The Quick Brown Fox. TQBF also offer children’s film making workshops. 


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