Activities | Clip ‘n’ Climb Chelsea

Clip ‘n’ climb is an “awesome” place. Well, that’s how my charge describes it.
It really is a fantastic place for the whole family to enjoy. The 90 minute session includes a half hour induction where you get harnessed up and are talked through some safety rules and then you are up and away, quite literally, for an hour of climbing! With 20 different walls from your classic rock climbing wall where you can time your climb to a wall that is all twisted, meaning you have to tackle the overhang! For the brave ones there is also the vertical drop slide and the leap of faith.

Each wall is fitted with an automatic belay device that takes the slack as you climb as far up as you want and then lowers you slowly to the ground. All you do is let go of the wall with your hands and lean back slightly.

From preschoolers to active grandparents this is a great, healthy activity. If you would rather be a spectator they have that covered too with a large gallery cafe serving everything from teas and coffees to juices and cake, popcorn and fruit. The gallery overlooks the climbing room so you can watch your little ones master each wall.

Check out their video below and why not go give it a try. The perfect indoor activity for cold rainy days!

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