Top Tips | How to Survive a Nappy Explosion

Did you know this amazing trick with baby vests?…It’s actually what they are designed to do! Don’t you just love attempting to get out the house with all the paraphernalia a baby comes with, and then you smell it, a dirty nappy! And an explosive one at that. Try this tip that will reduce the likelihood of covering baby and you in poo when dealing with an explosive nappy, as well as taking another 30 minutes to get out of the door.

Meet Felix, our gorgeous three week old model, showing us this great 8 step trick his mummy can’t live without.   

Simple and effective! The worst bit!?-Why has it taken so long for us to work this out?? The necklines of these baby vests (we’re talking generic 5 in a pack vests style) are designed to be the same width as the baby’s body so you can take it off by pulling it down. (Gently of course and by removing an arm at a time!)

Go and try it!

P.s we’re sorry if you’re sitting there wishing you’d known this earlier! 

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