Activities | Okra Stamping

Okra, or lady’s fingers as they are nicknamed, is a vegetable often used in Indian and Caribbean cooking. However they are originally from Africa, well they say you learn something new every day don’t they? To look at they are slim, ridged pods but inside there is something of beauty. Little flowers appear as you cut across the okra. Let’s investigate..

You can usually find okra in small African/Caribbean stores, and in some supermarkets. These 6 set me back 60p!


For Okra Stamping: Take a handful of okra, a selection of paints, paper and keen children. Aprons and a table-cloth are advised. : )

The rest is pretty simple, we probably don’t need to explain how to do vegetable printing. The little flower shapes that the okra make are very pretty. You can remove the seeds inside to create more defined flower stamps. Also it’s best to try and get excess paint off the okra stamps before applying to your masterpiece. We used a scrap piece of paper before getting stamp happy on our thank you cards.


Potato printing will never be the same again..


And the final product.. perfect for some little homemade thank you cards.


© pocketnannies 2015


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