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This is London is a beautifully illustrated book. You could also get lost in the illustrations themselves. It’s a fun (and funny) read that adults will enjoy too.
It’s technically, I suppose a travel guide for children. It’s full of facts and quirky little bits about the city. Did you know for example ‘there are ten thousand streets in London‘? Or that ‘the hours are struck by the famous bell “Big Ben” and the minutes are shown by hands fourteen feet long’. Fourteen feet..!
The words explain the illustrations but not in a condescending way. I can almost guarantee even as an adult you’ll learn something whilst reading this book. This is London takes you on a tour around London page by page.
The book points out little bits of London I’ve yet to see like the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens. You could do a whole tour of children’s literature related statues, including Paddington bear etc.
I particularly like the fact you may ‘meet a nanny pushing a pram‘.
Miroslav Sasek lived from 1916-1980, so you will understand that some of the details will now be out of date, as London has multiplied over the years. But I find that’s part of it’s charm.
Some of his other titles include This is New York, This is Paris, and This is San Francisco, This is Edinburgh. You can find out more here.
What are your favourite books to read with children?
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